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11th October 2023

Welcome to RowanAir's FAQ Blog, your one-stop source for answers to the most common inquiries about our domestic and commercial air conditioning and electrical services. At RowanAir, we're dedicated to providing you with expert solutions and clarity on all your HVAC and electrical concerns. Whether you're wondering about our location, the causes of water leakage from your A/C unit, or the details of our Deep Antibacterial Clean and Service, you'll find the answers right here. We're committed to transparency, and this blog is designed to ensure that you have the knowledge you need to make informed decisions. Join us as we address these questions and more, helping you achieve optimal comfort and efficiency in your residential or commercial spaces.

Q: Why is water leaking from the front of my A/C unit?

A: If you're experiencing water leakage from the front of your A/C unit, the most likely culprit is a blockage in the drainage system. The drain line can become obstructed with dust, dirt, sludge, or mold, causing water to accumulate and overflow. To address this issue, we recommend scheduling a Deep Antibacterial Clean and Service for your A/C unit to restore its optimal performance.

Q: What should I do if my A/C starts leaking following a Deep Antibacterial Cleaning servicing?

A: If you notice your A/C unit leaking within 48 hours of notifying us after a Deep Antibacterial Clean, we offer a complimentary return service to address the issue. However, if the problem arises after this initial 48-hour window, a diagnosis fee will apply to compensate for the technician's time.

Q: What does it mean when the lights on my A/C unit are flashing?

A: When the lights on your A/C unit are flashing, it's a clear indication of a malfunction. Each sequence of flashing lights corresponds to a specific fault code, which may vary depending on your A/C's brand. We kindly request that you record a video of the flashing light sequence before contacting us to schedule an investigation, enabling us to diagnose and resolve the issue more effectively.

Q: What are the reasons for the indoor unit louver not moving?

A: Several factors can cause the indoor unit louver to remain stationary. These include potential obstructions, airflow direction settings not being synchronized with the remote control, circuit malfunctions, or component imbalances. The louver's movement can also adapt to optimise air circulation during both cooling and heating modes, ensuring your comfort.

Q: What does the investigation fee of $179.30, including GST, cover?

A: The investigation fee covers the callout and examination of one Split System unit. If the technician can complete the repair within this time, they will do so. However, if additional work or replacement parts are required, the technician will provide you with a quote, allowing you to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Q: What is your Return Policy?

A: In certain cases, air conditioners may experience issues after components have been replaced. If this occurs, please notify us within 48 hours of the technician's visit to your property. It's important to understand that each situation is unique, and if the technician determines that it's a distinct problem, there may be an investigation fee associated with it.

Q: What does the Deep Antibacterial Clean and Service involve?

A: During a Deep Antibacterial Clean and Service, our technician follows a specific process to ensure your A/C unit's optimal performance:

  1. The technician will encase the indoor unit with a protective bag to capture any residue.
  2. They will then apply a chemical cleaner to thoroughly cleanse the entire indoor unit, eliminating dirt, mold, and buildup.
  3. Following this cleaning, the technician will inspect the drainage piping system to ensure it is free of debris.
  4. Effervescent cleaning tablets are introduced into the piping to keep it clear and unobstructed.
  5. A final step involves flushing water down the piping system to confirm the proper functionality of the drainage system.
  6. Once the cleaning process is complete, the technician will reassemble the entire system to its standard configuration.

Q: Do you offer investigations or installations for Boxed Air Conditioners?

A: We do not provide investigation or installation services for boxed air conditioners. However, we can offer a quotation for a Deep Antibacterial Clean and Service for Boxed Air Conditioners to ensure their optimal performance and cleanliness.