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New Homes

New Homes

For all of your new home's electrical and air conditioning needs, RowanAir really is your one-stop-shop. We take pride in being able to provide our new home clients only the finest calibre workmanship and make sure they have access to electrical and air conditioning systems that are energy-efficient and can endure the challenges of our climate.

To do this, we have management personnel and highly experienced technicians that can completely comprehend the demands of our clients and execute the project as if it were their own.

We ensure that our client’s dreams come to life by ensuring they are a part of the project, every step of the way. Our Service Manager Sean conducts one-on-one consultations with our clients to go through plans prior to the start of the project to ensure we are all working towards the same ideas, goals, and outcomes.

RowanAir is proud to be able to work closely with various builders around town and to be able to bring clients’ dreams to life. It truly is a rewarding feeling for the entire RowanAir team.

In addition to our planning and construction processes, we look after our clients with a 5-year RowanAir installation warranty on all air-conditioners, in addition to the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty for our clients’ peace of mind. Also, we offer our clients up to 5 years of pre-scheduled servicing, to keep their air-conditioners running like new, help prolong their air-conditioners life span, and ensure the warranty is not voided due to neglect.

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