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Aircon Cleaning

Aircon Cleaning

Airconditioning is a necessary component of living in North Queensland. We also advise frequent and professional servicing for your air conditioners to ensure the longest lifespan and minimise your operating expenses. A yearly deep antibacterial clean for your house is a wonderful idea.

This increases the efficiency of the air conditioners and lowers the likelihood that repairs will be necessary. There is no denying that clean air conditioners operate more efficiently. We use cars as a comparison – you wouldn’t drive your car to Brisbane without having it serviced.

Our clients frequently approach us thinking they need new air conditioners, but a thorough cleaning and service often enable them to extend the life of current systems. This can occasionally postpone the need for replacement, but keep in mind that your air conditioners start to lose efficiency after around 7 years and do eventually wear out. They operate more efficiently for longer periods of time if they are installed and maintained properly.

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