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In order to guarantee that our clients have trouble-free, energy-efficient systems that will stand the test of time, we at RowanAir take pleasure in offering our commercial clients only the best quality craftsmanship.

To do this, we make sure we have administrative staff and technicians that are appropriately certified, have a comprehensive grasp of our client's demands, and approach the project delivery as if it were their own. You may be certain that we have the skills and experience to handle intricate design and installation projects of any size thanks to the wide variety of resources at our disposal. In the past, we have collaborated with top-tier construction firms to produce projects in a range of industries, including the public and private sectors of health, education, defence, mining, retail, agricultural, offices, and hotels.

The following is a list of some of the commercial services we can provide:
  • Design and Engineering of mechanical building services inclusive of performing air conditioning heat loads through to selecting and designing mechanical systems most suitable for the project and budget. 
  • Performing 2D AutoCad drafting for a variety of building services with capabilities of concept design, schematic design, preliminary, tender and construction drawings.
  • Provision of dilapidation reports relating to mechanical equipment to provide options for the client.
  • Project management within building services across all disciplines.
  • DX type split system supply and installation.
  • An energy recovery system is designed to achieve high energy efficiencies.
  • Supply air supply systems (outdoor air, make-up air and general ventilation).
  • Warranty and non-warranty repairs.
  • Exhaust systems (toilet, kitchen, industrial and general ventilation).
  • Kitchen and dishwasher exhaust hoods and associated make-up and exhaust systems.
  • Dehumidification control for air conditioning systems.
  • Cold room and associated refrigeration equipment.
  • Localised and automatic control systems including direct digital controls (DDC)  and Building Management Systems (BMS).
  • Carpark exhaust and make-up air systems.
  • Fire and smoke ventilation systems.
  • Fume cupboard exhaust systems.
  • Cleanroom systems.
  • Schedule servicing and maintenance.
  • Electrical test & tagging